Roman Empire, Vitellius, 69, Denarius, Lugdunum, NGC graded


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Roman Empire. Vitellius, 69. Denarius, Lugdunum (Lyon), 3.43 g.
Obverse: VITELLIVS IMP GERMAN Head of Vittelius right // Reverse: FIDES, EXERCITVVM (VM ligiert), clasped hands Perlkreis. 6h.

RIC I, p. 270,53; C. 31; BMCRE I, p. 391,114; Hunter I, p. 183,43.

NGC AU Strike: 5/5 Surface: 3/5

Graded NGC Yes
Grade AU
Certificate Number 6556068-001
Certificate Link Link

Provenance Details

Ex : Peus, Auktion 366, 25.10.2000, Lot 1321.


A sensitive realistic portrait of Vitellius in the Finest Style for this Emperor. Most of his coinage is hastily struck and cartoonishly engraved. In exceptional condition for this difficult issue. With a a beautiful dark iridescent tone.

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