Italy, Lucania, Velia, Didrachm ca. 340-334 BC


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Italy. Lucania. Velia. Didrachm circa 340-334, AR 23.5mm, 7.66 g.
Obverse: Head of Athena l., wearing crested Attic helmet decorated with griffin; Θ behind //
Reverse:  Lion walking right; Θ below, YEΛHTΩN in exergue.

Historia Numorum Italy 1284. Williams 274 var. (unlisted dies). SNG ANS 1303. SNG Ashmolean 1212.

Lightly toned, light cleaning marks, minor porosity, die shift on reverse, otherwise About Extremely fine 

Provenance Details

Ex CNG 60, 2002, 97 and Triton XVIII, 2015, 329 sales. 
From the Patrick H. James Collection.

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