Papal States, Pius VII, 1800-1823, Gold Medal 1820, PCGS SP 61, Top Pop


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Papal States. Pius VII, 1800-1823 (Barnaba Niccolo Maria Luigi Chiaramonti). Gold Medal 1820; 44.5 g.
Obverse: PIO VI PO MAX An XII. Bust left with tiara and piviale //
Reverse: VIIS ALVEIS ET OP PUB Personification of Architecture standing, Reclining Tiber with cornucopia. Industry seated with wheel, Conlegio Constituo

Rinaldi 14 (only in silver and bronze).

Of the highest rarity: the only gold example in commerce in the last 20 years with a masterful design by Salvatore Passamonti.

TOP POP, the only example graded. PCGS SP 61

Graded PCGS Yes
Grade SP 61
Certificate Number 47689379
Certificate Link Link


A large gold medal to re-establish the pre-eminence of the Catholic Church as a supporter of Arts and Industry after the defeat of Napoleon.

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