Roman Republic, L. Valerius Acisculus, 45 BC, Denarius 45 BC, scarce


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Roman Empire. L. Valerius Acisculus, 45 BC. Denarius 45 BC, AR 4.25 g.
ACISCVLVS Head of Apollo r., hair tied with band; above, star and behind, acisculus. All within laurel wreath // Rev. Europa seated on bull walking r.; in exergue, L·VALERIVS.

Babelon Valeria 16. Sydenham 998a var. Sear Imperators 90a. Crawford 474/1b.

Scarce. Struck on a broad flan and good extremely fine

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Ex NAC 8, 1995, 610 and NAC 70, 2013, 162 sales. 

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