Netherlands, William II, Silver Medal 1650, death of prince William II and the failed attack on Amsterdam


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The Netherlands. The death of prince William II and the failed attack on Amsterdam. Silver Medal 1650; 91.06 g; AR 69.0 mm.
Obverse: CRIMINE AB UNO DISCE OMNEIS . MDCL . XXX IULII ., leaping horse, in the background the city of Amsterdam from the Amstel and rising sun, crowned coat of arms of Amsterdam held by two lions at the top
Reverse: MAGNIS EXCIDIT AUSIS . MDCL . VI NOVEMBRIS ., Zeus with thunderbolts in both hands drops William II (as Phaeton) from the sun chariot, below a funeral procession, at the top the crowned coat of arms of The Hague.

vL. II 353/341; Wieçek 133; Maue 76.

By S. Dadler. Rare. Lightly polished. Extremely Fine


The Peace of Munster was signed in 1648. The young and ambitious Willem II was not in favour of peace, which denied him the chance to become a hero on the battlefield. The desire to continue the war brought him into conflict with the powerful province of Holland. He decided to take military action against Amsterdam. However, the sent troops got lost on the Gooise heath and the warned Amsterdam city council closed the city gates and called the militia under arms. Eventually, the troops reached the city and besieged it. After negotiations, the siege was ended and the dismantling of the troops was suspended. William II's untimely death on November 6, 1650 put an end to the discord.

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