Italy, Lucania, Nomos ca. 300-280, Thurium


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Italy. Lucania. Nomos circa 300-280, AR 7.88 g.
Obverse: Head of Athena r., wearing Attic helmet decorated with Scylla hurling stone // Reverse: Bull butting r.; above, ΣΙ and Nike flying r. to crown bull; in exergue, ΘΟΥΡΙΩΝ.

BMC p. 299, 122. Cf. NAC sale 51, 2009, 533 (this obverse die). Historia Numorum Italy 1843 var.

Lovely light iridescent tone and good extremely fine

Provenance Details

Ex NAC sale 82, 2015, 23.
Privately purchased from NAC in 1993. From the M.L. collection.

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