Roman Empire, Theodosius II, 402-450, Solidus 430-440, Constantinople


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Roman Empire. Theodosius II, 402-450. AV-Solidus (22 mm, 4.50 g, 6 h). Constantinople mint, AD 430-440.
Obverse: D N THEODOSIVS P F AVG, helmeted, pearl-diademed and cuirassed bust facing slightly to right, holding spear and shield with horseman motif //
Reverse: VOT XXX MVLT XXXX H, Constantinopolis seated to left, with left foot on prow, holding globus cruciger and sceptre; round shield behind throne, star in right field, CONOB in exergue.

Boldly struck with a attractive reverse. Minor die breaks on the obverse, otherwise virtually as struck.

Provenance Details

Ex Leu Auction 15, 2024, Lot 324.
From an American collection, privately acquired from Ariadne Galleries prior to 1982.

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