Byzantine Empire, Theodore I Comnenus-Lascaris, 1208-1222, Aspron Trachy, exhibited Europalia 1982


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Byzantine Empire. Theodore I Comnenus-Lascaris, Emperor of Nicaea, 1208-1222. Aspron Trachy (Electrum, 31mm, 4.23 g 6), Magnesia.
Obverse: IC XC Christ, nimbate, seated facing on throne, holding book of Gospels and raising right hand in benediction //
Reverse: ΘϵΟΔωΡΟϹ ΔϵϹΠΟΤΟϹ ΘϵΟΔωΡΟϹ Full-length standing figures of the emperor, crowned, wearing imperial robes and holding sword in his right hand, on the left and, on the right, St. Theodore, nimbate, wearing armor and holding sword in his left hand, both facing and holding, between them, long staff surmounted by a star. DOC 2.3. S 2064.

An exceptional piece, beautifully struck and with a wonderful rendering of the emperor. Good extremely fine

Provenance Details

This coin was selected to be exhibited at the Europalia 1982 in Bruxelles and was illustrated in Splendeur de Byzance on p. 251 as N2, 25.

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