Italy, Calabria, Tarentum, Didrachm ca. 280-272 BC


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Italy. Calabria. Tarentum. Ca. 280-272 BC. Lykon, Si... and Gy..., magistrates. AR Didrachm, 6.46 gr., 22 mm.
Obverse: cavalryman, nude but for his helmet, striking downwards with spear held in his right hand, shield over his far shoulder and holding two reserve spears in his left hand, riding a horse galloping to right, Nike flying above over the horse's head to the left extending a wreath; in left field behind: ΣΙ, below: ΛΥΚΩΝ //
Reverse: ΤΑΡΑΣ; Phalanthos, nude, holding a kantharos in his right hand and a trident in his left, riding a dolphin swimming to the left; in right field: ΓΥ (retrograde).

HN III 1004. Vlasto 730.

Well centered. Good very fine

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