Sicily, Syracuse, Tetradrachm ca. 405 BC, graded VF


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Sicily. Syracuse. Tetradrachm, in style of Parmenides circa 405, AR 17.26 g.
Obv. Charioteer driving galloping quadriga l., holding reins in both hands; Nike flying above and crowning charioteer, grain ear in exergue //
Rev. ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ Head of nymph Arethusa l., wearing ampyx and sphendone decorated with stars, surrounded by four dolphins swimming

Tudeer 74. Jameson 838 (these dies). SNG Lockett 974 (these dies).

Graded VF Strike: 4/5, Surface: 4/5
Fine style. Old cabinet tone and very fine

Graded NGC Yes
Grade VF
Certificate Number 4373035-013
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Provenance Details

Ex Stack's-Ponterio sale 12 January 2017, 2024.
From the Michael L. Fogarty collection.

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