Roman Empire, Severus Alexander, 222-235, Denarius 221-222, Rome, rare


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Roman Empire. Severus Alexander as Caesar. AR-Denarius (19mm, 2.92 g, 6h). Rome mint, AD 221-222.
Obverse: M AVR ALEXANDER CAES, bare-headed and draped bust to right // Reverse: PIETAS AVG, pontifical implements: from left, lituus, knife, jug, simpulum and sprinkler.

RIC IV 3; BMCRE 266 (Elagabalus); RSC 198.

Rare and in exceptional condition for the issue. Very nice and charming portrait of the young Severus Alexander. Attractive cabinet toning, minor flan crack at two o’clock, otherwise almost extremely fine.

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Ex CNG Electronic Auction 375, 2016, Lot 704.

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