Egypt, Arsinoe II Philadelphus, 277-270/268 BC, Gold Mnaieion or Octodrachm, Alexandria, NGC graded XF fine style


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Ptolemaic Egypt. Arsinoe II Philadelphus (277-270/268 BC). Gold Mnaieion or Octodrachm (27,74 g). Posthumous issue of Alexandria, under Ptolemy II, ca. 253/2 BC.
Obverse; Veiled head of deified Arsinoe II right, wearing diademed stephane and horn of Ammon, sceptre surmounted by lotus over left shoulder; Θ
in left field, dotted border //
Reverse: APΣ
INOHΣEΛΦOY. Double cornucopia bound with fillet, containing pyramidal cakes, pomegranates, and other fruits, grape cluster hanging from the rim of each horn; dotted border. CPE 388; Svoronos 460.

GOLD. Delicate, Fine Style artistry displayed on a bright flan with flashes of lustre.

In an NGC Holder, graded XF 5/5 – 3/5, Fine style - Marks

Graded NGC Yes
Grade XF 5/5 – 3/5, Fine style - marks
Certificate Number 6830998-001
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Provenance: privately purchased on the Swiss coin market in the 2000's.

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