Kingdom of France, Philippe VI de Valois, 1328-1350, Parisis d'or nd, Paris


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Kings of France. Philippe VI de Valois, 1328-1350. Parisis d'or nd (from 1329) Paris mint; 6.99 g. Emission from 6 September 1329.
Obverse: +PhILIPPVS: DЄI: GRA: FRAИCORVM: REX (triple annulet stops, the last of which contains a star between two annulets), Philippe, crowned, seated facing on Gothic throne, scepter surmounted by Hand of Justice in left hand, lis-tipped scepter in right; a lion crouching beside each foot //
Reverse: +XPC: VInCIT: XPC: RЄGИAT: XPC: ImPЄRAT (triple pellet stops, bars of contraction over each PC), cross fleurée with lis in angles; all within double quatrefoil, with trefoil at each spandrel.

Fr-264, Ciani-268, Lafaurie-252, Dup-248.

A very rare coin perfectly struck and centered with all design elements clear and well detailed. None graded higher, and really appears to be better than the grade.

Mint state. Top Pop NGC MS63


The largest and most beautiful of all Philip VI gold coins, this particular specimen is certainly amongst the finest extant.
The 'Livre Parisis' or the French Pound was the unit of account established by Charlmagne. "Parisis" was another way of saying Pays de France - the Nation of France.

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