Persia, Achaemenid Empire, Artaxerxes II, Daric, Sardes, NGC graded


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Persia. Achaemenid Empire. Temp. Artaxerxes II to Darios III, ca. 375-336 BC. AV Daric; 15.5mm; 8.31 g. Lydo-Milesian standard. Sardes mint.
Obverse: Persian king or hero, wearing kidaris and kandys, quiver over shoulder, in kneeling-running stance right, holding spear in right hand, bow in left //
Reverse: Patterned incuse punch.

Carradice Type IIIb Late (pl. XV, 50); Meadows, Administration –; BMC Arabia pl. XXV, 24; Sunrise 39 corr.

Fine style noted. NGC MS Strike: 4/5 Surface: 3/5

Graded NGC Yes
Grade MS
Certificate Number 2073700-007
Certificate Link Link


Very Rare late type perfectly centered with superb style. Attributed to the Sardes mint, but the striated reverse and fluid style is reminiscent of the Alexandrine darics from the Babylon mint.

The same type in similar condition sold for $16,800: Triton xxi lot 529

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