Persia, Achaemenid Empire, Artaxerxes I - Xerxes II, Daric ca. 455-420 BC


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Persia. Achamenid Empire. Artaxerxes I - Xerxes II (ca. 5th century BC). AV Daric (16mm, 8.33 gm). Lydo-Milesian standard. Sardes, ca. 455-420 BC.
Obverse: Persian king or hero, wearing cidaris candys, in kneeling-running stance right, decorated quiver over shoulder, dagger pointed at waist in right hand, bow outward in left // Reverse: Rectangular incuse punch with irregular interior surfaces.

Carradice Type IV, Group B - unlisted in gold, but examples now known from recent finds.

Mint state. NGC MS Strike: 4/5 Surface: 5/5

Graded NGC Yes
Grade MS
Certificate Number 6055179-013
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This very rare Daric once had a lion head control mark on the reverse and was since re-engraved. An absolutely brilliant strike which makes use of the odd shaped flan to include far more of the dagger-weilding king than is normally visible: including his crown, bow, dagger and quiver.

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