Russia, Tzardom, Paul I, 1796-1801, Gold Medal 1717, tribute to Peter I, PCGS SP 61, Top Pop


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Russia, Tzardom. Paul I, 1796-1801. Tribute Medal in Gold to Peter I the Great (1682-1725). 1717 dated .cf. Large gold specimen "Establishment of the Colleges" Medal of 22 Dukats; 76.13 g.; 47 mm; by Timofej Ivanov.
Obverse: PETRVS ALEXII FIL D G RVSS IMP M DVXMOSCOVIÆ Laureate bust right //
Reverse: Eagle in nest with three of her young, looking to radiant sun above, flanked by branches; in exergue ANNO 1717.

Smirnov-Unl. Diakov-53.7 (unlisted in gold).

TOP POP (no other specimens known in gold). PCGS SP61

Graded PCGS Yes
Grade SP 61
Certificate Number 45886610
Certificate Link Link


Peter I established the St Petersburg mint in 1724. In 1748 Benjamin Scott was invited to train several Russian engravers. His star pupil was Timofej Ivanov who is considered the greatest of all Russian Medallists. He engraved this medal in about 1760, to the glory of Peter I.

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