Netherlands, Silver Medal 1781, Naval battle at the Dogger Bank


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Netherlands. Silver Medal 1781. Naval battle at the Dogger Bank; AR 45.0 mm. By J.G. Holtzhey.
Obverse: INJURIIS – COACTA / IN VADO ASELL. V AVG. / MDCCLXXXI, Dutch maiden with spear pointing towards her naval crown at burning altar, attacking lion on the right //
Reverse: IMMORTALIBUS BATAVVM GLORIÆ VINDICIBUS, names in wreaths of the rear admiral Johan A. Zoutman and his captains.

VvL. 562; KPK 3375; Betts 589.

Near Mint State. NGC graded MS 62

Graded NGC Yes
Grade MS 62
Certificate Number 6847151-001
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The Dutch Republic recognized the independence of the American colonies from Great Britain in 1776. This led to a British declaration of war in 1780, a blockade of the Dutch coast and ultimately to the naval battle at the Dogger Bank in 1781. The Dutch fleet commander Johan Zoutman managed to repel the English attack in this conflict.

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