Netherlands, Silver Medal 1743, arrival Gustaaf Willem baron of Imhoff at Cape of Good Hope, rare


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Netherlands. Silver Medal 1743, by M. Holtzhey. Arrival Gustaaf Willem baron of Imhoff at Cape of Good Hope.
Obverse: GVST. GVIL. LIB. BAR. AB IMHOFF GVB. GEN. IND. OR. F. R., bust of Gustaaf Willem with cloak //
Reverse: SPES – MELIORVM TEMPORVM / MDCCXLIII, Batavia with scales in right hand and sword with laurel wreath in left hand, sitting on a perch with the monogram of the VOC, next to her an enchor, date in exergue.

VvL. 178.

Rare. Dark toning; Extremely Fine


Gustaaf Willem baron of Imhoff (1705 – 1750) was an East Frisian nobleman who made a career with the VOC. In 1736 he became governor of Ceylon and in 1742 he was appointed Governor General of the Dutch East Indies. In October he left for Batavia with the ship De Hersteller, depicted on the reverse of the medal.

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