Roman Empire, Nero, 54-68, Aureus 65-66, Rome


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Roman Empire. Nero, 54-68. Aureus 65-66, Rome. Gold 7.35 g.; 18.9 mm.
Obverse: Head of Nero, laureate, right, with beard. Obverse caption: NERO CAESAR AVGVSTVS //
Reverse: Salus, draped, seated left, on ornamental throne, holding patera in right hand and resting left hand on side. Reverse caption: SALVS

RIC 59.

Almost uncirculated AU 50-53


This Aureus comes from the Boscoreale treasure, discovered in 1895 in a villa near Pompeii, a large part of which is currently on display in the Louvre! The deep purplish toning visible, particularly on the reverse, at the level of Salus' elbow, is characteristic of the coins from this extraordinary find. Our Aureus comes with a label indicating its provenance.


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