France, First Empire, Napoleon Bonaparte, Silver Medal, coronation dated Frimaire AN 13, NGC graded Top Pop


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France. First Empire. Napoléon Ier, 1804-1814/1815. Silver Medal, 159.40 g.; 68 mm. Engraved by by Galle and Jeuffroy, designed by Prudhomme. For the coronation dated Frimaire AN 13, November-December 1804 in Roman numerals.
Obverse: NEAPOLIO IMPERATOR., laureate bust left; GALLE FECIT. below //
Reverse: TVTELA PRAESENS, Napoléon, in Roman military attire, seated right on curule chair, holding eagle-tipped scepter, receiving personification of Paris, wearing mural crown standing left; in background to right, cherub at ship's tiller; above, N superimposed on radiate star; PRUDHON DEL JEUFFROY FEC on ground line; EPVLVM SPOLLEMNE/ IMPERATORIS IN CVRIA/VRBANA · FRIM · A · XIII in two lines in exergue.

Bramsen 358.

Rare and of great historical interest, with a lovely patina.
NGC graded MS 62, Top Pop

Graded NGC Yes
Grade MS 62
Certificate Number 2126233-002
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This medal in silver was handed out on the 18th of Frimaire by Napoleon himself, while sitting on his throne, as he received 20 presidents of the colleges of Arts and Sciences and then the presidents of the Departments who were invited by sealed letters. Napoleon spent a long time in conversation with each recipient.

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