Southern Netherlands, Peace of Cambrai, Bronze Medal 1529


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Southern Netherlands. Bronze Medal. Peace of Cambrai. 1529; 4.39 g; Ø 29.1 mm.
Obverse: FORTVNE. IN. FORTVNE. FORTVNE. 1529, daisy //
Reverse: IETTORS. DEMESSEVR – S. DES. FINANSES DE. L, crowned coat of arms with Golden Fleece.

Dugn. 1223.

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The Ladies' Peace of Cambrai of 1529 was the last peace treaty in a series between King Francis I of France and Emperor Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire. The treaty owes its name to the representation by two ladies: Margaret of Austria (aunt of Charles V) and Louise of Savoy (mother of Francis I).

The Ladies' Peace of Cambrai largely ratified the provisions of the Peace of Madrid; that Francis I gave up his claims to Milan, Naples, Franche-Comté, Tournai, Flanders and Artesia. This ended the Italian Wars between France and the Habsburgs for seven years.

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