Southern Netherlands, The Holy Sacrament of the Miracle of Brussels, Silver Medal 1670, Brussels, only 2 specimens known


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Southern Netherlands. Silver Medal. The Holy Sacrament of the Miracle of Brussels. 1670; 4.54 g; 35.0 mm.
Obverse: SACRAMENTVM . MI – RACVLOSVM . BRVXELLE, cross with the holy wafers, held by God the Father // Reverse: idem.

VERY RARE, only 2 known specimens (1 in the KBR in Brussels and this specimen).

Extremely Fine


The Sacrament of Miracle is a Catholic miracle that is said to have taken place in Brussels in the 14th century. It was believed that Jews had stolen wafers and stabbed them with knives on Good Friday 1370, until miraculously they began to bleed. Six accused were convicted and burned at the stake.

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