Netherlands, Death of Anne, princess of Orange, Silver Medal 1759


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The Netherlands. Silver Medal. Death of Anne, princess of Orange. 1759; 13.23 g; Ø 35.8 mm.
Obverse: ANNA D.G. M.B.R.P. GUB. ET TUT: WIL: V.A.P.N. MDCCIX. O. MDCCLIX. XII. IAN:, bust of Princess Anne with diadem right, above her head a wreath of stars //
Reverse: HE U QUO VOTA – NOSTRA RECESSERE, a tombe with the coat of arms of the Dutch Republic, on it a weeping woman, in exergue a torch, scythe, scull and bones, and winged hourglass.

By E. Andeles.

VvL. 346.

EXTREMELY RARE. Extremely Fine

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