The Netherlands, Frederik Hendrik and his peace proposals, Silver Medal ca. 1654, Amsterdam


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The Netherlands. Silver Medal. Frederik Hendrik and his peace proposals ca. 1654; 73.45 g; Ø 67.0 mm.
Obverse: FRID. HENDRICVS. D. G. PRINC. AVRAI. COM. NASS. E, bust of Frederik Hendrik three quarters right, PABEELE F. in inner circle //
Reverse: VLTIMVS ANTE OMNES DE PARTA PACE TRIVMPHVS, within wreath the coats of arms of the eight by Frederik Hendrik captured cities, a.o. ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Wesel, Maastricht, Breda, Grol and Sas van Gent.

By P. van Abeele after a design by Constantijn Huygens.

Contemporary cast.

vL. II 298/288; Fred. 7 afb. 11; Pax 87; JMP 1993.277.

VERY RARE. About extremely fine

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