Germany, Kingdom of Westphalia, Hiernoymus Napoleon, 1807-1813, Gold Medal 1811, weight of 12 Ducats


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Germany. Kingdom of Westphalia. Hieronymus Napoleon, 1807-1813. Gold Medal in the weight of 12 Ducats 1811, by W. Körner, on the visit by the monarchs at the Clausthal mines. 44,29 mm; 40,98 g.

Klein/Raff 75; Müseler 75/5; Preussag Collection, Part II, Auktion London Coin Galleries/Künker 2, London 2016, Nr. 1586 (this example)

Of the highest rarity. Fine golden patina, almost extremely fine.

Provenance Details

Ex Preussag Collection Part II, Sale London Coin Galleries/Künker 2, London 2016, Nr. 1586.
Previously aquired by the Münzhandlung Dr. Busso Peus Nachf., Frankfurt/Main, 20.12.1978.


The royal couple visited Clausthal on August 5th, 1811. At the end of 1811 98 pieces of this medal were minted in the weight of 12 ducats. Since the reverse dies soon became unusable, a second had to be made. The first original die is still used on this piece, recognizable by the fact that the hook of the miner's lamp does not rest on the handle of the iron, but floats freely and the iron is longer.

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