Byzantine Empire, Manuel I Comnenus, 1143-1180, Aspron Trachy 1160-1164, Constantinople


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Byzantine Empire. Manuel I Comnenus, 1143-1180. EL Aspron Trachy; 32mm, 4.34 g. Constantinople, AD 1160-1164.
Obverse: IC-XC (barred), Christ standing facing on dais, bearded, wearing nimbus cruciger with five pellets in limbs, pallium and colobium, raising right hand in benediction, book of Gospels in left; eight-pointed star to either side / M-AN-ΩHΛ-O //
Reverse: ΘЄ/Ο/Δ/Ω/Ρ/OC, Manuel I, bearded (on left) and St. Theodore, bearded and nimbate (on right) both standing facing, jointly holding patriarchal cross with three small pellets on shaft and large globus on base between them, emperor wearing crown, divitision and loros, right hand on pommel of sheathed sword on hip, saint wearing military attire with left hand on pommel of sheathed sword at hip.

Sear 1959.

Out of 250 graded only three have graded CH MS, none higher. And even rarer: perfectly struck both sides.
NGC Ch MS Strike: 5/5 Surface: 4/5

Graded NGC Yes
Grade Ch MS
Certificate Number 6323251-161
Certificate Link Link

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