Roman Empire, Majorian, 457–461, Solidus 459-461, Gaul, possibly struck by the Visigoths


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Roman Empire. Majorian, 457 – 461Solidus, uncertain mint in Gaul and possibly struck by the Visigoths 459-461, AV 4.33 g.
D N IVLIVS MAIORI – ANVS P F AVG Helmeted, diademed, draped and cuirassed bust r., holding spear pointing forwards and shield bearing Christogram //
Rev. VICTORI – A AVGGG Emperor standing facing, holding long cross in r. hand and Victory on globe in l.; foot on man-headed serpent; in fields, R – A and in exergue, COMOB.

Lacam –. Reinhart 63. RIC 3743.

Very rare and in exceptional condition for the issue. Struck on a very broad and complete flan. From slightly rusty dies, otherwise good very fine

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Ex NAC sale 127, 2021, 375.


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