France, Restoration, Louis Philippe, 1830-1848, Gold Medal 1836, PCGS graded


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France. Restoration. Louis Philippe, 1830-1848. Gold Medal by J.P. Montagny on the completion of the Arc de l'Etoile. 18.85 g.; 25.66 mm.
Obverse: Opposite bust of Napoleon and Louis Philippe // Reverse: View of the arch. With edge punch: oil lamp.

The hallmark "Oil lamp" is on the edge, which was used in the Monnaie de Paris between March 30, 1832 and October 21, 1841: therefore an original striking in Gold. With two very attractive portraits.

PCGS graded SP 58

Graded PCGS Yes
Grade SP 58
Certificate Number 47328631
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Collection Julius 3953 (there only in silver). Unlisted in Gold, with no other auction records and none listed in coin archives.

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