Byzantine Empire, Leo IV the Khazar, 775-780, Solidus 776-780, Constantinople, with Constantine VI, Leo III, and Constantine V


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Byzantine Empire. Leo IV the Khazar (775-780 AD) with Constantine VI, Leo III, and Constantine V. Constantinople, 776–780 AD. AU Solidus, 4.45 gr., 19 mm.
Obv: LЄOҺ VS S ЄςςOҺ COҺSƮAƮIҺOSO ҺЄ+; crowned busts of Leo IV and Constantine VI facing, each wearing chlamys; above: cross, between: pellet.
Rev: LЄOҺ PAP' COҺSƮAҺƮIҺOS PAƮHR; crowned busts of Leo III and Constantine V facing, each wearing loros; cross above, pellet between.

Ref: DOC 1 var. (obv. legend); Sear 1583 var. (obv. legend). Unpublished?

Good very fine

Provenance Details

From the European Ambassador collection, formed in the 1950’s and 1960’s.


The obverse inscription misses an Һ and has an X at the end instead of a Θ. This variant isn’t published in the standard works. It is possible that this obverse die was quickly taken out of circulation for obvious reasons.

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