Byzantine Empire, Leo III, 717-740, Solidus, Constantinople


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Byzantine Empire. Leo III, the Isaurian, 717-740. AV Solidus, 20mm; 4.47g.; Constantinople, 9th officina, AD 717-720.
Obverse: d N D LЄO-N PA MЧL •, crowned facing bust of Leo III, wearing chlamys pinned at right shoulder, globus cruciger in right hand and akakia in left //
Reverse: VICTORIA-AVΣЧ Θ, cross potent set on three steps; CONOB below.

Sear 1502.

Rare in this condition. One of only two graded to this level with one higher.

NGC Choice MS Strike: 5/5 Surface: 5/5

Graded NGC Yes
Grade MS
Certificate Number 6323480-001
Certificate Link Link

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