Byzantine Empire, Justinian II, Solidus 686-687, Constantinople, NGC graded


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Byzantine Empire. Justinian II, first reign (AD 685-695). AV Solidus; 20mm, 4.48 g., 7h; Constantinople, 6th officina, AD 686-687.
Obverse: IЧStINIA-NЧS PЄ AV, bust of Justinian II facing, with slight beard indicated by row of dots around face, wearing crown topped by cross and circlet, chlamys pinned at right shoulder, globus cruciger in right hand // Reverse: VICTORIA-AVϚЧ S, cross potent with base on three steps; CONOB below.

Sear 1245.

An attractive portrait for this normaly crude type, with brilliant surfaces. Exremely rare grade for this die.
NGC Choice MS Strike: 5/5, Surface: 5/5.

Graded NGC Yes
Grade Ch MS
Certificate Number 4938331-042
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