Byzantine Empire, Justinian II, first reign, 685-695, Solidus, Constantinople, NGC graded


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Byzantine Empire. Justinian II, first reign, 685-695. AV Solidus, Constantinople, AD 692-695.
Obverse: IҺS CRISƮOS RЄX RЄϚNANƮIЧM, facing bust of Christ Pantokrator // Reverse: D IЧSƮINIANЧS SЄRЧ CҺRISƮI (officina off flan), Justinian standing facing, wearing crown and loros, holding cross potent on two steps in right hand, akakia in left; CONOP in exergue.

MIB 8a-b; DOC 7; Sear 1248.

A spectacular coin. Perfectly struck and centred obverse with a fine style portrait of Christ. Pristine lustrous fields.
A touch of the reverse legend is off the flan, but the images are perfectly centred, amongst the finest extant.

NGC CH MS Strike: 4/5 Surface: 5/5

Graded NGC Yes
Grade Ch MS
Certificate Number 4938331-156
Certificate Link Link


The First Image of Christ on Coinage. And the prototype for how Christ has been and is still portrayed in Western Art up to the present day - one of the most influential images ever created.

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