Roman Republic, Julius Caesar, 49-44 BC, Denarius 49-48 BC


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Roman Republic. The Caesarians. Julius Caesar. Denarius 49-44 BC.; 18 mm; 3.97g.; mint moving with Caesar in Gallia Narbonensis or Hispania Citerior, 49-48 BC.
CAESAR Elephant trampling serpent to right // Rev. Priestly implements: culullus, aspergillum, ax with wolf's head at the top and apex.

Babelon (Julia) 9. Cohen 49. Crawford 443/1. RBW 1557. Sydenham 1006. Woytek, Arma et Nummi, p. 119ff

Stunning multi-hued example, with violets, cobalt blue and red-orange tones.

NGC graded Ch AU ★ strk 5/5 surf 4/5

Graded NGC Yes
Grade AU
Certificate Number 5770286-001
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