Roman Republic, Divus Julius Caesar, Denarius 40 BC, Rome, NGC graded


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Roman Republic. Divus Julius Caesar, 40 BC. AR Denarius; 19mm; 3.58 g; 12h. Rome mint.
Obverse: Q. Voconius Vitulus, moneyer. Wreathed head of Caesar right // Reverse: Bull-calf walking left.

Crawford 526/4; CRI 331; Sydenham 1133; RSC 45.

Fine Style noted. Truly a masterpiece of Roman Portraiture. NGC Graded CH XF ★ Strike: 5/5 Surface: 4/5

Graded NGC Yes
Grade CH XF *
Certificate Number 6055303-001
Certificate Link Link


A very rare portrait of wonderful realistic style by an artist of great talent. Amongst the finest style Caesar portraits, perfectly centred on a broad flan and with a beautiful tone over sound metal.. The moneyer Vitulus was an ally of Octavian, and this coin was struck just after Octavian had taken control of Rome and the Western provinces.

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