Roman Empire, Julia Domna, 193-211, Denarius 196-211, Rome, very rare


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Roman Empire. Julia Domna, 193-211, wife of Septimius Severus. Denarius 196-211, AR 3.03 g.
Obverse: IVLIA – AVGVSTA Draped bust r. // Reverse: AET – ERNIT IMPERI Confronted bust of S. Severus l., and Caracalla, r., both laureate and cuirassed.

C 2 var. (not cuirassed). BMC Severus and Caracalla 1. RIC Severus 539b var. (also draped).

Very rare. Insignificant hairline flan crack at one o'clock on reverse, otherwise about extremely fine

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Ex Busso Peus 374, 2003, 833 and NAC 98, 2016, AMP, 1257 sales.

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