Asia, Ionia, Magnesia ad Maeandrum, Tetradrachm ca. 150-140 BC


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Greek Asia. Ionia, Magnesia ad Maeandrum. AR Tetradrachm (16.73g), ca. 150-140 BC, under Herognetos, son of Zopyrionos.
Obv.: diademed and draped bust of Artemis right, bow and quiver over shoulder
Rev.: MAΓNHTΩN - ΗΡΟΓΝΗΤΟΣ / ΖΩΠΥΡΙΩΝΟΣ, Apollo Delphios standing left, elbow resting on tall tripod behind, holding branch tied with fillet; meander pattern below; all within laurel wreath

BMC 38; Jones 32a (same dies); SNG von Aulock 7921.

Nice toning, light scratches under tone on reverse, Extremely Fine

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Ex CNG 99, 2015, 219.

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