Roman Republic, C. Hosidius C.f. Geta, 68 BC, Denarius 68 BC


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Roman Republic. C. Hosidius C.f. Geta, 68 BC. Denarius 68 BC, AR 3.90 g.
Draped bust of Diana r., with bow and quiver over shoulder; before, GETA; behind, III VIR // Rev. Boar r. wounded by spear and attacked by hound; in exergue, C HOSIDI C F.

Babelon Hosidia 1. Sydenham 903. RBW 1456. Crawford 407/2.

Iridescent old cabinet tone, about extremely fine

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Ex NAC sale 92, 2016, 1821. From the collection of E.E. Clain-Stefanelli.

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