Byzantine Empire, Heraclius, 610-641 with Heraclius Constantine, Solidus, Constantinople


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Byzantine Empire. Heraclius, 610-641, with Heraclius Constantine. AV Solidus, Constantinople, 1st officina, AD 629-631; 20 mm; 4.48 g; 7h.
Obverse: dd NN hЄRACLIЧS tЄ hЄRA CONST PP A, facing busts of Heraclius (on left) wearing long mustache and beard, and Heraclius Constantine (on right) wearing short mustache and beard, both wearing simple crown and chlamys; cross above between them //
Reverse: VICTORIA-AVϚЧ A, cross potent with base on three steps; CONOB below.

Sear 749.

Quite near to what I would consider a fine style coin. Certainly two remarkable portraits for this period of generally cartoonish engraving. And extremely rare in choice mint state.

Mint state. NGC Ch MS Strike: 5/5 Surface: 5/5

Graded NGC Yes
Grade Ch MS
Certificate Number 5872675-023
Certificate Link Link

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