Byzantine Empire, Heraclius, 610-641, Solidus Year 12 (AD 638/9), Constantinople


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Heraclius (AD 610-641), with Heraclius Constantine and Heraclonas. AV Solidus; 20mm; 4.46 gm; Constantinople. 4th officina, dated indictional year 12 (AD 638/9).
Heraclius (in center), wearing long beard and mustache, Heraclius Constantine (on right), beardless, and Heraclonas (on left), beardless, each crowned and standing facing, wearing chlamys, globus cruciger in right hand // VICTORIA-AVϚЧ Δ, cross potent with base on three steps; monogram in left field, BI (Indiction 12) monogram in right field, CONOB below.

Sear 767.

NGC CH MS strk 5/5 surf 4/5. Mint state

Graded NGC Yes
Grade NGC CHOICE MS Stike 5/5 surf 4/5
Certificate Number 6055922-002
Certificate Link Link


A wonderful example of this coin with mirror like reflective surfaces and a fully struck up obverse with exquisite detail on all three figures. Thought to have been inspired by the three Kings of the New Testament who visit Jesus in the manger.

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