Roman Empire, Hadrian, 117-138, Aureus ca. 119-122, extremely rare


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Roman Empire. Hadrian augustus, 117-138. Aureus 119-122, AV 7.29 g.
IMP CAESAR TRAIAN H – ADRIANVS AVG Laureate and draped bust r. // Rev. P M TR P – COS III Minerva standing l., holding spear and pointing with r. hand at olive tree under which is a rabbit.

C 1068. BMC 117. RIC 70c. Calicó 1309 (this obverse die).

Extremely rare. Minor marks on edge and in field, otherwise good very fine / about extremely fine

Provenance Details

Ex NAC 84, 2015, 987 and NAC 114, 2019, 677 sales. From the collection of a retired banker.

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