Roman Empire, Faustina II, 161-175, Aureus 170-175/6, Rome


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Roman Empire. Faustina II, wife of Markus Aurelius, 161-175. Aureus 170-175/6, Rome. Gold 7.34 g.; 20 mm.
Obverse: Draped bust right. Obverse caption: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA //
Reverse: Cybele, towered, draped, seated right on throne between two lions, holding drum balanced in left hand and on left knee. Reverse caption: MATRI MAGNAE

RIC: 704

Amzaing example with some of its original luster, magnificent portrait!
Mint state MS 60-62

Provenance Details

Ex. Jean Vinchon Numismatique, 23-24 April 1976, lot 242.


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