Ethiopia, Menelik II, 1889-1913, 10 Werk Presentation Medal nd, PCGS graded Top Pop


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Ethiopia. Menelik II, 1889 -1913. 10 Werk Presentation Medal, n.d. (1897). Gold, oval, 52.8 x 44 mm; 30.01 g.
Obverse: Crowned bust r. after Lagrange All-Conquering Lion of Judah at top, faint Amharic name Menelik at base // Reverse:  Armored St. George spearing the dragon.

Gill M42.

Extremely rare, especially in this condition. 5 Pieces minted according to Heritage Auctions and NGSA, perhaps the most finely engraved of all Ethiopian medallions.

PCGS graded MS 62 TOP POP

Graded PCGS Yes
Grade MS 62
Certificate Number 44218132
Certificate Link Link

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