Kings of Lydia, Kroisos, 560-546 BC, Hecte, Sardes, NGC graded


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Kings of Lydia. Kroisos, ca. 560-546 BC. AV Sixth Stater or Hecte (1.82 g), heavy standard, Sardes, ca. 560-550 BC.
Obverse: On the left, forepart of a lion to right confronting, on the right, the forepart of a bull to left // Reverse. Two incuse squares, of unequal size, side by side.

Berk 7. Traité I 400 = De Luÿnes 2800. Walburg Group III.

Extremely rare heavy standard Hecte. Well struck from fresh dies and perfectly centered on a broad flan, with a nearly invisible scuff. Lusterous. Exceptional. Certainly amongst the finest heavy Hectes, (only 2 heavy Hectes graded to this level or better).

NGC MS Strike: 5/5 Surface: 4/5

Graded NGC Yes
Grade MS
Certificate Number 4934501-001
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Whereas the gold staters have been discovered in small hordes, most probably remnants of governmental storage, the gold fractions have been discovered one at a time or in very small groupings, as they were more likely used in every day commerce.

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