Roman Empire, Commodus, 177-192, Tetradrachm ca. 185-186 (year 26), extremely rare


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Roman Empire. Commodus, 177-192. Tetradrachm circa 185-186 (year 26), billon 27.5mm., 12.44g.
Obverse: Laureate head r. // Reverse: L ΚϚ ΒΡΕΤΤΑΝΝΙ The Emperor, laureate-headed, in military dress, standing, facing, head, l., holding Nike on globe and long sceptre; either side, at feet, bound captives.

RPC 3456.3 (this coin). Dattari-Savio Pl. 207, 9549 (this coin).

Extremely rare, only three specimens known and two in private hands. Toned, Good Very Fine/Very Fine.

Provenance Details

Ex Naville Numismatics sale 64, 2021, 383.
From the Dattari collection.

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