Celtic tribe, area of Jublains, Aulerci Diablintes, Stater 1st century BC, extremely rare issue, NGC graded VF


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Celtic tribe. Area of Jublains. Aulerci Diablintes. Statère à la situle, 1st century BC. Electrum 6.62 g.; 21.8 mm.
Obverse: Stylized laureate head right, hair in crescent curls, two locks extending to cheek and terminating with three pellets //
Reverse: Androcephalic horse running right; above, auriga right holding torque behind horse's neck and vexillum before; below, prone figure right

Delestrée: 2168.

Extremely rare issue, a very pleasant portrait and a lot of details are visible on reverse.
Extremely fine EF 40-45. NGC graded VF Strike: 5/5 Surface: 3/5. Edge scuff

Graded NGC Yes
Grade VF
Certificate Number 5775025-009
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