Celtic tribe, area of Vannes, Veneti, Stater 2nd century BC, extremely rare type, NGC graded F


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Celtic tribe. Area of Vannes. Veneti. Statère à la petite tête nue (Stater with litte bare head), 2nd century BC. Gold 7.96 g.; 19.9 mm.
Obverse: Celticized head of Apollo right, with four large locks of hair raised into S-shaped curls, a little human head at the end of each lock. Under the little head, a design on a spear //
Reverse: Celticized chariot right, drawn by human-headed horse, the charioteer holding kentron and vexillum-like banner hanging before horse; below, winged male figure right.

Delestrée: 2108.

Very fine VF 30-35. NCG graded F Strike: 4/5 Surface: 2/5, scuffs.

Graded NGC Yes
Grade F
Certificate Number 5775025-010
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Extremely rare type, perhaps to be compared with Delestrée 2109 and 2110. The horizontal design under the head is not very elaborate in comparison, the small globule under the design is more similar to Délestrée 2108. Very sought after by collectors for these atypical decorations characteristic of Venetes staters.


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