Celtic tribe, Northeast Gaul, Bellovaci, Stater 1st century BC, Beauvais, very rare


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Celtic tribe. Northeast Gaul. Bellovaci. Statère à l'astre - 1st century BC, Beauvais. Gold 5.58 g.; 17.3 mm.
Obverse: Stylized head to right, a beard figured in three dotted lines and an almond-shaped eye; a "star" on the cheek // Reverse: Stylized horse running right; above a "star"; below a "star".

Delestrée: 269.

Rare in this quality. Almost uncirculated AU 55-58


Superb specimen of this very rare Bellovak Stater, beautifully struck and well centered. One will notice in particular the figure on the obverse, which one rarely has the occasion to admire in such beautiful proportions.


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