Byzantine Empire, Basil the Macedonian, Solidus 868-897


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Byzantine Empire. Basil the Macedonian, 27 September 867 – 29 August 886, with colleagues from 870. Solidus 868-879. Gold 4.43 g.
Obverse: +IhS XPS REX – REGNANTIЧM* Christ, nimbate, seated facing on lyre-backed throne, wearing tunic and himation, raising r. hand in blessing and holding Book of Gospels in l. //
Reverse: BASILIOS ET COnStAntAЧGGb' Facing busts of Basil on l., bearded, wearing crown and loros and Constantine on r., beardless, wearing crown and chlamys; both holding patriarchal cross between them.

DO 2. Sear 1704.

A perfect FDC (according to NAC). NGC graded MS Strike: 5/5 Surface: 4/5

Graded NGC Yes
Grade MS
Certificate Number 6556068-005
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