Roman Empire, Anthemius, 467-472, Solidus 468, Rome, very rare


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Roman Empire. Anthemius, 467-472. Solidus 468, Rome. Gold 4.42 g.; 21 mm.
Obverse: Helmeted, pearl-diademed and draped bust facing three-quarters right, holding spear over right shoulder. Obverse caption: D N ANTHE – MIVS P F AVG //
Reverse: Two emperors, in military attire, standing facing, holding spears and supporting between them a globe surmounted by cross; in centre field, ROMA in monogram. In exergue, COMOB.
Reverse caption: SALVS R – EI P – VBLICAE

RIC: 2831.

An amazing and very rare piece, virtually as struck!
Mint state MS 63

Provenance Details

Ex. Sotheby's 2 November 1998, lot 38.


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